September 07, 2014

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Greek Coffee - Ελληνικος Καφες


Wake up with a Greek cup of coffee.  

In Greece you will hear the phrase "vale briki" which literally means place the briki, but in its translation it refers to the act of making Greek coffee.  What signals coffee time for us? An early morning! 

Greek Coffee is prepared in a briki, a brass coffee pot which allows for the even distribution of heat as the coffee is bought to a boiling point. Unlike espresso coffee, Greek coffee is smooth and even if served without sugar it will still taste smooth, just not sweet. The key to a fabulous cup of Greek coffee is its quality and freshness; old Greek coffee will leave you with a sour aftertaste not to mention it won't be enjoyable at all. At Flavorteaze, we offer only one brand of Greek coffee which we guarantee is going to be super aromatic and fresh.

Join us in preparing an exquisite cup of Greek coffee and jump start your day like a Greek...


Sugar (optional)


In a briki measure the number of cups of coffee you would like to prepare and add the corresponding number of cups of water. For example, if you are making a coffee just for you, one (espresso size) cup of coffee would be equal to one cup of water. The beauty of measuring with the actual cup you will drink from is that you would always be using the right amount of water. Consequently, if you are making three cups of Greek coffee you would place three cups of water in the briki. 

To prepare one cup of Greek coffee use one teaspoon of coffee and one teaspoon of sugar. That combination will make a "metrio cafe" which means it will be neither sweet nor bitter. For those who love black coffee you would only add one teaspoon of coffee and omit the sugar altogether. 
For two cups of coffee you would use two teaspoon of coffee and two of sugar and so forth...

Bring the coffee to a boil and then just before it overflows remove the briki from the heat and pour into a cup but only about a quarter of it. The goal is to transfer the kaimaki (crust of the coffee) first and then return the briki to the heat. Let the coffee rise again and remove from the heat. Transfer the remaining coffee to your cup and let it sit for a couple of minutes before you attempt to take a sip.

Sit back and enjoy!

Στην υγεια μας!


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