If it has to do with Greek Food, we can help.

If you have been searching for the highest quality and most widely recognized authentic Greek products, then you are in luck! You have discovered FlavorTeaze, where authentic Greek foods are finally within your grasp. After all, our founder is Greek herself and picky when it comes to Greek foods.  Raised in Greece, Alexia knows that the best flavors are often the simplest. That’s why FlavorTeaze’s gourmet olive oils, wines and food are free of impurities and ready for your kitchen, and our on-demand baked goods are created fresh for you. Most of the products are backed by special PDO and PGI designations which means you can feel confident that our products are authentic and tested for their quality, because we delight in delivering food as authentic as we are.

The soul behind the scenes.

Alexia founded FlavorTeaze in Fall of 2012 and it has been a project of love, much more than an e-commerce company. The goal is to serve the US market by providing authentic high quality Greek products as well as a great shopping experience, while working with producers in Greece during times of struggle for the Greek economy. Although times in Greece are challenging one fact remains; behind every success story, whether small or large, there is a team of inspired and hard working people.

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